Rome Indiana Courthouse

Our Plans

Our Renovation Plan


With the assistance of Region 15 and our Perry County commissioners, we received a planning grant from the Office of Community and Rural Affairs (OCRA). This planning grant was a required step before we could apply for funds to actually make repairs to preserve our building. Universal Design Associates of Ferdinand assisted us with our now-completed plan for restoration. Because OCRA applications were suspended for two years, a Heritage Support Grant from the Indiana Historical Society funded roof replacement in 2022.


We had hoped, with the assistance of Region 15, to apply in 2022 for a $500,000 Community Development Block Grant for historic preservation, also from OCRA. It is unlikely these grants will be continued. This amount will still be needed for
all the continued exterior work as well as interior restoration, electricity,
heating systems, windows and lighting. Your donations and those of all
who love Indiana’s history are of utmost importance. There are other grant sources we must explore.



Any new construction we determine is needed, such as ADA accessible restrooms, a new kitchen, a new entry, new landscaping, or site walkways, must come from private or foundation donations. Such additional construction will be crucial for future sustainable use of the building. New construction was included in the planning documents from Universal Design.


Our Collections Plan

Year 1-2

The years will be spent planning the interior restoration, adding technology, consulting with collections specialists, improving the existing signage, developing a collections policy, cataloging the existing collection, and seeking funding.


Years 3-5

Years 3-5 will be spent improving the collections we have, adding to the collections according to the collections policy, accessing professional museum advice, developing programs for groups, planning and seeking funding for landscaping and a new addition.



Ten Years

At the ten year mark, our curated collections will begin to be displayed at museum-level quality, along with art created by local students, our timeline will be painted, and many tours will be taking place. Memberships and sharing agreements with other historical organizations will be ongoing.



Twenty years

In twenty years, Rome Courthouse will be self-sustaining, we will seek cooperation with other museums for displays, and the Courthouse will be actively used by Perry and surrounding counties as a venue for social and training events.